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why php is the best programming language

In the current market, there are a number of tools used to develop web applications. Indeed, the transition to digital is a step that has become unavoidable and it is all the more true when it comes to legal persons. Php is one of the languages ​​most used today and this effervescence is perfectly understood by its many advantages. Understanding the very basis of this tool will make it easier to use.

The basics of PHP

In order to be able to effectively participate in php programming, it is necessary to understand the basics of this tool. Clearly, php is a scripting language both open source and generalist. It was designed specifically for web application development work. Its first attraction is that it integrates very easily to HTML. It will no longer be necessary to use a large panoply of codes and steps to display the latter since the php pages already contain fragments of HTML. Also, you should know that PHP is a server-side tool which means that its code will run exclusively on a server in order to produce HTML. The latter will then be sent directly to the clients without them having access to the source codes. Of course, it will always be possible to configure the server to confuse dynamic pages with static pages.

A constantly evolving tool

What is also PHP's strength lies at the level of its perpetual evolution as well as its adaptability to all tests. Indeed, several new versions of php have been released in recent years. Each version acts as a correction to any errors of the previous version. Like version 7 of PHP that was released in 2015, for example, it was designed to fix several security bugs. This version is also faster thanks to the PHPNG or PHP Next Gen. Moreover, there has been a considerable increase in production since the additional performance can go up to 70% compared to previous versions. Obviously, this version is still open source so it is accessible to all programmers.

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