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Why is SEO Important for Ecommerce?

The creation of an e-commerce site is not decided on a whim. There is a need to be aware of certain issues, particularly those related to SEO. A good SEO will allow you to grow your online store and gain popularity against your competitors.

Why SEO is important for your e-commerce ?

SEO is a key success factor for any e-business: you have to be first in SERPs to be visible, capture as much free traffic as possible, and garner additional sales. It is thus necessary to manage to be more in adequacy with the expectations of search engines, in particular Google, than the whole competitors. It is therefore essential to design a website that is "Google-friendly". But it must also be noted that the SEO has changed.

SEO is more "indomitable" than ever

Today, the results are customized according to many signals. Google sits on an infinite amount of data and uses it. "Personalization" goes far beyond what you can imagine. The powerful algorithms of the leader of the research know how to adapt the results according to numerous signals. The search results will take into account: your location, the device used, the search history, the history of sites visited, your communication email your calendar events, your favorites Internet ...
Your neighbor's search results may not look like yours at all ! How can one claim with aplomb to be able to "master" its organic results? Guarantee that his 1st place will still be there tomorrow? Exercise difficult ... Even if in fact, for many queries, the results will be very close. The task of optimizing a website usually goes to the hands of SEO consultants and agencies who will perform a background work on your online store. And you have a real interest, in addition to choosing the best open source ecommerce platform, to grant you the services of a developer certified Magento, who also has good SEO skills.

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