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We live in a world where everybody and everything are interconnected in social network. People are organised through a community? A community is a gathering of people around the same feelings. We join a given community following our interests, our need or what we think is good for our business. Everything goes and come from internet. And there are rules to respect for the members of each community

People who have the same ambition, need, or they are characterized by the same thing. They join some community as affiliate network. The assets are many according to the desire of the member of a given community. It’s a kind of interconnection which is based on economical income or affinity. In these communities, people can advertise their foods, find some clients and share experience or buy something. In a nutshell, they do business through these communities. We join a community in order to diversify our affaires and know knew people.

The place of business in this word are more open to everybody. We live also in a globalized world then people try to exchange over the boundaries. There is no need to travel around the world to sell or buy foods, it’s just in a click and many people from everywhere see the services that you offer. At this moment those who are interested get in touch with you. It’s simplified and facilitated by the way people have the same affiliation. Then everyone knows how the run his or her own business. The communities are many but there are some people who are part of many of them in order to diversify their affaires. There is another point which is more important because it’s help the members of an affiliate network to make partnership each other. This partnership can organised as a virtual company with high income.

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