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Web design and development based on Php programming

Web development is based on the use of languages (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP...) to write programs that are then executed by computers. The instructions are put in place on the Internet and are carried out on servers.

The job of the web developer

Young students are opting for a developer's career with the sole purpose of making money by omitting a fundamental reality which is that not everyone can be a developer. Being a developer means more than finishing school and then starting to work to make money. 90% of his time is spent on mission development for clients. When you do research on the web, you will find a lot of sites offering you tutorials and courses to learn how to develop. They will give you the illusion of being developers. Whether in the case of a beginner who wants to know the basic concepts or the case of an experienced developer who wants to learn something else, the information provided is not complete because they do not offer a real skill.

We all need a developer

Some people choose a php programming as a career, because they have seen others do it, or because they have heard that companies are hiring a lot of developers these days, or that there are jobs for all of them world in programming, and forgetting that the world of programming is not a manufactory. Many people think that watching tutorials on YouTube or referring to web sites that provide tutorials is enough for you to become a developer. Developers must understand the core of the concept as object-oriented, function models, relational database fundamentals, software architecture models, structures to name just a few.

Being a developer is not just about learning syntax. The most important thing is to understand the concept. It is difficult to get an idea of what programming methods and tools can look like coding when there is no experience.

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