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Hosting service is a well developed activity because of an inexorable demand that keep on growing. Internet has become an unavoidable tool in everyone lifestyle. Websites keep on breeding as well as social networks leading to a permenant competition between webmasters, bloggers and diferent actors dealing with web activities. To survive in a high competitive market, a good quality service and an affordable cost are essential. Hong Kong is one of the best web hosting locations in the world and the best one if you are specially targeting an Asia audience. Thanks to its strategic location, Hong Kong appear as the most sought after web hosting in Asia.

Koddos is a high level hosting service that combine security and high quality service. Koddos use premium routes for their servers to provide a powerful connexion to their customers. We speed up your portal, make it become a plaisant website, fast, secured and highly competitive. Koddos is the most effective DDoS protected offshore shared hosting. Registered in Belize, which is a tax haven, Koddos ensure you freedom and legality in your activities, offer security against DDoS and other attacks while providing VPS, Shared and Dedicated hosting to webmasters with great ambitions. If you are willing to put your imprint in Hong Kong world wide web, Koddos appears as the best web hosting partner for you. It is very important to work this kind of solution which has allowed many people and companies to have more interesting results.

Koddos is appreciated for its ability to enhance your customer service through a high end hardware and latest technologies that will bring speed and effectiveness to your webpages. Our hosting service provides premium routes that ensure fast page loading speeds, updated servers and avoid downtime. Choosing Koddos best web hosting means opting for an improvement of your productivity, a gain of leadership in your field of interest and customer retention for sure.

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