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Koddos for the benefit of your website's security

Many societies don’t care about the security of their website, because all they need is their e-reputation, which ask also a big work. But even your website is in a better visibility, you have to make a wall of protection, such as personal identity of all your clients.

The best solution to protect your website

You have to choose in a clever mind your hosting. They are many online, and there are also many kinds of private server. You can adopt a computer to be a server. This one must have been power, like a best card graph, large hard disk, and more application that you have to install to your computer. This server must work continuously to be in the best service of your clients. Yes, it seems easy, but the work is so hard to realize. You can opt for a community hosting. In that name, you share the server into others society. The problem is that the space will be so neat that you can’t ameliorate your website. The last position is about a hosting private, you can consult to get more instruction about this.

What happen when website being insecure?

A website will get many traffics but it means that it is exposed to hackers. And the famous program hackers are DDoS. This last one gets into your website as a favorite client, he may work with many others clients. In that position he is able to block all communication with your client. Your website is enabling or in maintain. And the last one is about your system computer and all materials that in contact of your website are break off.

KoDDoS benefits

Yes, you have your own box and a technician who is always free to talk to you and solve any matters. They are so malicious like KoDDoS which gives powerful to his server. A big data, on IP address, more mail address, more visibility positive e-reputation and the security of his datacenter to make your server in a good hand. The last point is about the price that if you compare it, it is the lowest one.

So, don’t hesitate to pay fees on your hosting like the pack of KoDDoS service which it is in a reasonable price, and the list of conditions are available online.

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