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How to be good Node.js developer ?

Nowadays, being a developer is one of the most promising jobs in the world of work. Evolution is for many. The developer plays a fundamental role in designing and running a website from a web server. Node-js is one of the programs used to execute the delicate tasks of a developer.

The specificities of the Node.Js platform

Node.js is free software focused on scalable network applications. It is designed in javascript. It is also a platform with a built-in server library, which makes it easy to run a web server without using external software such as ligthtpd, Apache or others. Being a Node.js Developers is knowing the specific languages ​​of this software. There are fourteen essential tools for programming a project from Node.js and more than forty-three frameworks. This is an environment that is not very high level, but allows you to execute Javascript directly on the server instead of the web browser. Unlike other programs like angular.js, python or react.js; Node.Js is the fluidity of the data designed, that is to say the possibility of quickly testing problems in real time.

The basic criteria

To be a good developer Node.js, it is essential to have all the niches necessary to be a good developer in general. First, it will require a solid knowledge of Front-End technologies. That is, we will have to be comfortable in the CSS3, JQuery and HTML languages. The javascript of the node.js goes with Express hence the need to have a good down on the handling of a Restful API as well as database interfaces like NOSQL / MongoDB. We can even say that the main asset to be a developer Node.js is to have a very good know-how in the field of reading Javascript languages. A great knowledge on hosting sites is also essential when you want to be a developer Node.js. For example, there are references like Heroku or Amazon Web Service. Finally, we should also know the limit of the platform.

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