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Whats new in the world of developing?

Here is the news in the world of developing, with rubysavvy !

Microsoft Edge, the Microsoft's browser

With Windows 10, Microsoft delivers a brand new browser. It is designed to be powerful, innovative, and specially designed for the modern Web.
Latest news: Microsoft announces to disable Flash by default in Edge. The implementation process should begin within the next major update to Windows 10 - whose launch should take place in this March 2017. In each case, users still have the option of reactivating Flash, if they wish, for particular websites offering content in this format. Microsoft is following the example of Google and Mozilla who both have already made this decision for their own browser.

PHP 7, the new version

What are the main evolutions of the new version of the server scripting language? What contribution in terms of performance? The final version of PHP 7 was released in December 2015. It comes with a new version of the Zend Engine. A migration manual was published by the open source project website. The PHP project has also delivered PHP 7.0.12 - which fixes several security bugs. PHP 7.1 Release Candidate 6 is also available.
PHP 7.1 is intended to introduce some additional elements to PHP 7: Server Push via the media curl HTTP / 2 and nullable type for example (see the complete list of changes to the PHP project site). The performance of the language must also be optimized for the occasion.

The Web design 2021

Web design trends for 20121 are clear: Web php web development must now focus on the user experience of websites, their intuitiveness, ease of use rather than on their visual interfaces. The content must be well developed and rich in information, whatever the medium. The Responsive Design will remain in 2017 a notion essential for the professionals of the Web. A website or web application will indeed stand out if its content is harmonized and presented on all virtual terminals (tablets, smartphones, PC) in a clear and concise manner.

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