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Examining the Hypertext Preprocessor Scripting Language PHP

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is a web language, which affect any website or application. It is true that there are many other web languages, such as Html or Css, but, it is good to remember that PHP has been perform after all of them, that explain why he is so performing.

What means PHP language web?

As said, PHP is a web language but is not precise for this. There are a lot of web language like Java, JavaScript, jQuery, and all the others, and why PHP is not like them. Obviously, his roots were based on those of his predecessors, but this one has some modifications to make easier to use the website or application to develop with practice position. It is to remember that only php developer can understand and use php language, and also that everyone is able to be a php developer if he wants. Generally used in the server side, PHP is a free programming language object oriented. Used primarily to dynamize applications and websites, he always associated to an Apache in order to connect to another database, even if it is already installed on most of HTTP server that you play.

Rule of PHP program

We always heard that php is different than another web language, but no one did explain us why. So, we try to search from the web, but, the same things happen, there are still no explanation. However, according to php developer, the difference between PHP and the others is the side where the language is used. Usually, languages are used in the client side, but, PHP is acting in the server side. By using PHP program, php developer is able to ask to the server to generate a specific page per client, most often used for building dynamic website. We can precise that there is 2 different types of websites, static website and dynamic website. The difference between both is that dynamic websites supports PHP, contrarily to static website, and that is why php developer always work on dynamic websites so on PHO position.

It is obvious that PHP has his own competitor such as Python and Ruby, however, he is still the most language used by web developer. And its stands out for its performance and durability.

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