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Develop your web app using the best language for it

Technology lovers and development enthusiasts: this is for you! There is now an easier and innovative way to create its web applications. Everything was possible thanks to Ruby on Rails. Many famous sites like AirBnB and twitter were created with this new technology and why not yours?

Ruby on Rails: the flagship technology of the web

RoR was created in 1993 by a Japanese named Yukihoro Matsumoto. It was only in 1995 that his first version was released. Simple and flexible, RoR is an object-oriented script language. Data of any kind are objects, it is the function that is the method and the references are the variables of the programming language. It was therefore specially designed for the creation of various web applications and specialists like arrives in addition to create sites. RoR uses a powerful language which is the Ruby and that is what makes it also powerful. It offers many benefits to configurators because RoR offers a more concise code, minimal configuration and integrated technologies offering users a richer interface. This technology perfectly embodies the services labeled by the web 2.0. Ruby on Rail can automate traditional tasks and maximize the originality of a large or small site.

Unbeatable productivity

To develop, in a record time and in the easiest way an application or site, RoR has been developed. In just a few minutes, a blog is launched on the net with all database management tools and php developers comments thanks to Ruby on Rails, and only with about sixty lines of code. This is the perfect record of site creation that has never been seen before. To achieve these feats, it is obviously necessary to familiarize yourself beforehand with the languages ​​and the software. With more practices, the speed of development and writing of a site will be favored. Being open source, this Framework is evolving thanks to its strong community.

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